Now You Can Download the Latest Lens Firmware Regardless of Whether Your Camera and Lens Are Made by the Same or Different Manufacturers!

The "Joint update service" lets you update your lens by downloading the latest firmware via the Internet simply by connecting the Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds Sysetm-compliant camera and lens.

Previously, lens firmware could only be updated when the lens was mounted on a camera made by the same manufacturer. If the mounted lens was not made by the same manufacturer as the camera, then the lens firmware could not be updated regardless of whether or not the mounted lens is compliant with the Four Thirds System Standard and Micro Four Thirds System Standard.

With this new service, it doesn’t matter what combination of camera and lens you use, you will always be able to update the firmware via PC/Internet.

For more details, click on one of the following links:

If you have an OM Digital Solutions (Olympus) lens
If you have a Panasonic/Leica lens
If you have a Sigma lens
If you have a Tamron lens

This is a collaborative service made possible through the cooperation of the following Four Thirds member companies.
OM Digital Solutions Corporation   Panasonic Entertainment & Communications Co., Ltd.     Sigma Corporation    Tamron Co., Ltd.

For more information about these products, visit the website of each company:

OM Digital Solutions
Panasonic Entertainment & Communications Co., Ltd.
Sigma Corporation
Tamron Co., Ltd.