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    NOKTON 10.5mm F0.95New

    10.5mm / 21mm (35mm equivalent)

    Super fast and wide angle lens

    Nokton 10.5mm F0.95 is the super wide-angle lens designed exclusive for Micro Four Thirds mount.
    The angle of view is 93°. This lens is achieved to get amazing high speed of F0.95 at wide open, and has 2pcs Aspherical Lenses (3 surfaces are Aspherical) so that you can get sharp images even at wide open. 10.5mm F0.95 also has Selective Aperture Control System as same as the other Voigtlnader MFT series lenses. The feature is particularly important for video recording as exposures can be fine-tuned and there is no noise generated by the aperture clickstops.

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    Lens construction diagram

    NOKTON 10.5mm F0.95Lens construction diagram


    Focal Length  10.5mm / 21mm (35mm equivalent)
    Lens construction  13 elements in 10 groups
    Closest focusing distance  0.17m
    Maximum image magnification  1:8.2
    Filter Size  φ72mm
    Dimensions  φ77 x 82.4mm(Without Hood)
    Weight  585g(Without Hood)
    Accessories  With Standard lens hood
    Others  With Selective Aperture Control System