Thank you for your participation!

4/3 FOURTHIRDS DAY Thank you for your participation!

A big thanks to all who participated in Four Thirds Day 2023!
We’ve created a mosaic wallpaper featuring your photo submissions, so make sure to download and use it.

How to use the wallpaper

  1. (1) Choose your favorite wallpaper and tap (or click) the image to open it.
  2. (2) Tap and hold the image or right-click with a mouse and select “Save Image.”
  3. (3) Follow the instructions in your device manual to set the wallpaper.

Terms of Use

By downloading or using (hereafter “downloading, etc.”) the wallpaper from the Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds standard website (hereafter “the website”) managed and operated by OM Digital Solutions Corporation (hereafter “OM Digital Solutions”) on behalf of a Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds manufacturer, you agree to read and consent to the following conditions.

  • Copyrighted works related to the wallpaper are protected by the Copyright Act, and wallpaper copyrights belong to OM Digital Solutions.
  • Regardless of format, the wallpaper may only be used for personal purposes, and any use that infringes upon OM Digital Solutions Copyrights, such as reuse, duplication, citation, modification, sales, use on a website or other network, etc., is prohibited.
  • Any secondary usage (provision to third parties, etc.) of information obtained by downloading, etc., the wallpaper is prohibited, regardless of the form such use takes.
  • If it has been deemed that any unfair use has occurred, if it is possible to determine from various circumstances that unfair use is being attempted, or if it has been deemed that OM Digital Solutions has suffered damages or copyright infringement due to unfair use, OM Digital Solutions reserves the right to demand compensation for such damages (including legal fees).
  • OM Digital Solutions accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any malfunctions to the customer’s computer, peripheral devices, network, etc., caused by downloading, etc., the wallpaper.

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