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Special Contents : Excellence of Micro Four Thirds

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The Micro Four Thirds System is an open standard. It does not belong solely to any one company. It is a common standard with high user benefits, featuring a rapid product development system and a joint support system that crosses the barriers between enterprises at the same time as offering high inter-system compatibility thanks to the participation and collaboration in development of multiple manufacturers. The provision of rich systems and secure support systems are the sources of important support to the Micro Four Thirds.

Q. What is the biggest advantage in fabricating products with the collaboration of various manufacturers? A. The most important of all advantages is the possibility of delivering a wide line of lenses and accessories quickly to the users.

Look at the wide line of lenses to understand the significance.

Participation by many manufacturers makes the variety of cameras and the availability of fully-equipped lens/camera systems among the biggest selling points of Micro Four Thirds.
Only Micro Four Thirds lets you choose from a full line of the latest digital-dedicated lenses, as well as many of legendary classic lenses.
* The use of certain classic lenses may impose functional restrictions. For details, please consult the lens manufacturer.

As of Oct. 1, 2011

Visit the corner showing the joint support system
Visit the corner showing the product combination possibilities