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Four Thirds' Day 2017

The Four Thirds System Forum designated April 3rd as Four Thirds’ Day, under the slogan of “A day to enjoy photography more”. To celebrate Four Thirds’ Day, an online exhibit of user-submitted photos is held every year.
For this year’s Four Thirds’ Day exhibition, we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Micro Four Thirds system and calling for the submission of photos that were taken over the past decade using Micro Four Thirds products, that is, from 2008 – when Micro Four Thirds was launched – to 2018.
The decade of Micro Four Thirds has been an exciting one for us and our users as Micro Four Thirds has brought full-size SLR performance to a compact digital format that is defining the future of photography.
We strongly encourage everyone out there to take this opportunity to share with us and with your fellow users “a decade of you and Micro Four Thirds”.

Lucky participants will have a chance to win great prizes in a random draw!
All submitted photos will be shown on our website after the official exhibit.
Click on the link below to submit your photos.
We encourage you to be a part of this exciting campaign.

For rules and requirements, check the Submission page.

Acceptance period Thusday March 1, 2018, 12:00 to Monday May 7, 2018, 16:00 / JST
Target photo Any photo shot using a Micro Four Thirds product (whether a camera body and/or lens).
Prizes The following prizes will be awarded to randomly drawn participants.

●Sigma Micro Four Thirds lens x 1
(The winner can select the model they want.)
●Micro Four Thirds mount type
decorative paper clip 2018 x 100

Winners will not be announced.
Prizes will be forwarded directly.

For rules and requirements, check the Submission page.

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