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Four Thirds' Day 2016

To commemorate Four Thirds’ Day (April 3), we will be hosting an online photo exhibition in showcasing the photos you take
on Four Thirds Day. Just take pictures using your Four Thirds lens or Micro Four Thirds lens on April 3, 2016, and share them
with everyone around the world.
All photos posted will later be exhibited on the Four Thirds website. This year, up to 300 participants drawn by lot will get
a Micro Four Thirds Mount-Type Decorative Paper Clip.
Now’s your chance to get this special gift even if you were not
able to attend the CP+ event.

Acceptance period
Sunday April 3, 2016, 10:00 to Monday April 25, 2016, 10:00 / JST
Target photo
Photos shot on April 3, 2016 using a Four Thirds or Micro Four Thirds lens
Applicant eligibility
The only requirement for eligibility is that you agree with the terms of application below as well as
the Privacy Policy of Olympus Corporation managing the Four Thirds Office.
(Once you complete and submit the application, you are deemed to have agreed with the terms of the
application and privacy policy.)
Application method
Enter the following information in an email addressed to the address at the bottom of this
page published on April 3. Attach your photo to the email and send it.
There is no restriction on the photo genre.

[Requirements in mail body]
1. Nickname of photographer
2. Shooting area (country)
3. Description of photo (theme or explanation of photo; within 100 characters)
4. Name/address with postal code so we can send you your gift
This information will be shown on the website when your photo is posted.
Personal details provided in (4) above will not be utilized for any purpose other than to send
you your gift.
* File format: JPEG, File size: Up to 2 MB.
* Exif information must be included.
300 winners will be drawn from entrants who submit a photo.
Each winner will receive a Micro Four Thirds Mount-Type
Decorative Paper Clip 2016.

Only winners will be notified.
Terms of application
▪ The photo must be shot by the applicant and the entire copyright must belong to the
▪ Post-processing such as retouching and image editing are permitted before sending the
▪ If the photo contains copyrighted work of someone else or the picture subject is a person,
be sure to obtain approval from the copyright owner of the work or the subject person
before application.
▪ If the copyright owner of the work or the subject person is a minor, the approval of the
parent or guardian is also required.
In case a problem such as rights infringement with a third party occurs in relation with the
applied work, it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to correct this problem and bear
any costs involved. Olympus will not assume any responsibility related to the issue.
▪ If we determine that an image or comment is not suitable from the viewpoint of laws,
public order or morality, the picture may be removed from the website.
▪ Privacy policy is subject to change at the discretion of Four Thirds Office without notice.

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