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15-Jun-16 Panasonic Panasonics New Ultra Wide-Angle 12mm Lens Enables Photographers to Capture Dynamic Landscapes with Rich Perspectives.
5-Apr-16 Panasonic Panasonics LUMIX DMC-GX80/GX85 Adds Style and Substance to Urban Photography
21-Mar-16 Panasonic Panasonics LUMIX DMC-GF8 For the Best-Ever Attractive Selfie Shots
24-Feb-16 Xiaoyi Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd.join the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group
10-Feb-16 Xacti, nac, Meitu, Autel, and 3db join the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group

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31-Mar-15 April 3 is Four Thirds' Day: A Day to Share the Joy of Photography. Acceptance period: Friday April 3 - Monday April 27 /JST
09-Jan-15 We have set up the official twitter account. Please click here to check our tweets about the latest information for our event at CP+ in Yokohama.

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